Sunday, March 17, 2013

When I am only a memory

How I want to be remembered when I am gone.....
Never spoke a bad word about anyone
Gave it my all in all that I did.
Stopped to listen
Loved extravagently
Walked the walk and never had to say a word
Always had a smile for everyone
Didn't always look at reality, but Gods possibility
Invested in people (Because how I treat people is how I treat my God)
Admitted my mistakes
Never counted the cost, before springing to action.
Was a person of my word
Looked for the good in people (Because whatever I look for I will find!)
Laughed.. A LOT.
Gave second, third, forth, and fifth (etc) chances.
Was merciful
Showed grace
Made a difference
Took leaps of faith
Was quick to point out what you are doing great, rather than what you did wrong.
Did the hard things
Was a good friend
Was a good mama.
Took critism with grace
Never raised my voice
Made sure no one felt left out
Saw those who were overlooked
Loved the unlovely
Saw the holy in the common place
Loved God with all my might
Took chances
Was not judgemental
I want to see people how God see's them. I want to give it my all, in all that I do. I want to be a person of love, grace, and mercy. I want to be a person who invests in people. I want to be the person who see's the best in everyone I encounter. And if I fall, I want to be humble enough to ask forgiveness, honest enough to admit my mistakes, and couragous enough to try again. I want to remember that I cannot save anyone, I can only love them. That I cannot change them or convince them, I can only love them.
So the more I think on the person I want to be remembered as, the more I know the person I want to be this moment.
How do you want to be remembered when your time on earth is done?
Lots of love from Rwanda,



  1. I think that's an amazing way to be remembered. For me I think I'd like to be remembered as someone who always tried her best, who never gave up fighting for what was good and right, and who accepted all sorts of people. Seeing the best in people is a good way to put it. I'd like to also be remembered as putting much more positive than negative into this world -- I want to help people, TRULY help them. I want to be remembered as someone who was never greedy or spiteful or vengeful, but as someone who always wanted to give of herself, as someone who can learn from her mistakes, and as someone who can forgive, even if she does not forget. I think these are overlapping with yours at some points. But, mostly, I want to be remembered as someone who was always kind to other people at first meeting, but also just if need be -- and if I felt righteous anger, I hope I will be remembered as someone who used that passion to change things for the better.

  2. I want to love as Jesus loves me, I want to be obedient to what God calls me to do, I want to bring Him glory, demonstrate mercy, grace and passion for the things that my heavenly Father is passionate about, I want to love as Jesus loves, see what He sees and use my hands, feet, mouth, ears and eyes to be a blessing to all who enter my world, just like Jesus continually blesses me.