Saturday, March 2, 2013

Im so thankful for....

Fresh pineapple juice
The most beautiful 3 hour bus rides from Nyundo to Kigali.
Singing in the kitchen with the girls while you make dinner or lunch.


Moto rides in the rain, because Taxi's are just too expensive.

Getting the guard a cup of coffee everynight before bed.

The first 15 minutes with Moses in the morning, laying in bed
with him coo'ing and giggling over everything.

Full nights of sleep.

Walking the halls in the house singing in the middle of the night with Moses.

Meeting friends in Gisenyi for dinner and laughter.

Making new Rwandese, Kenyan,Ugandan and Congolese friends.

Sombusa!! (I am a bit obsessed!)

Watching things come together for the daycare. <3

African tea.

Movie nights with the girls....

Our new house, which we are kinda in love with.

The power randomly going out for hours.

Hot water!

Moses growing like a weed!!

Phone calls home and feeling so encouraged afterwards.

Bath time for Moses and him becoming a prune and never wanting to get out.

Sitting on the porch with reading early in the morning.

Amazon gift cards, and getting new books on the kindle!

Knowing your friends and family are praying for you.

Planning a mission trip to Rwanda for your church.

A hour uninterrupted. ;)

The water randomly going out for days.

A amazing water filter system so you dont have to buy bottled water anymore.

Two crazy and fun African puppies.

Visiting days at the boarding schools.

Missing Alysse like crazy while she is away at school.

Wearing sweat pants into town and having 3 people tell you, you look great!
(Hey it was the only dry pants I had that day!)

Lake Kivu.

Trips out of the country every three months, and the rest or adventure that ensues.

Count downs till you get to see your family and friends back home.

Planning a daycare in Rwanda!!

The most amazing avocado's!

The most beautiful scenery outside your window.

A garden in your front yard that is so relaxing and refreshing!

Snuggling babies in the orphanage.

The random song the toddlers and I sing, that we made up randomly one day.

Joining hands and praying together everyday before meals.

The mac n cheese dinner nights.

Hearing your name as a army of toddlers run full speed toward you.

Piggy back rides. (for the kids, not me, of course!)

Moses wrapped on my back, before naps and bedtime.

Dorine looking for her message from God every morning.
(I have been leaving a scripture everyday in her room, she says
it is her message from God everyday)

Singing Yes Jesus Loves me in English, then in Kinyarwanda.

Time with friends outside of the house.

Planning for a new room-mate moving in from America coming this summer!

Getting to play with Moses everyday!

Times on the back of the moto, when I think I pray the hardest looking
at the rolling green hills of Rwanda.

Procrastinating (Which I may or may not be doing right now!)

Starting a Book Of Blessings for me and the girls.

The note one girl left for me after watching Soul Surfer and what it taught her.

A friend coming to stay in March for a few weeks at the house.

A stove and fridge. (No more cooking over fire, booya!)

Friendships that are concrete despite being in two different contenents.

The love of your church back home, who prays fervently for you.

A God who is in every detail of everything.

A God who encourages you just how you need it, right when you need it.

A God who redeems.

Today, I am thankful.........

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