Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday little man.

Yesterday we got to celebrate your first Birthday Moses.
I think I will someday look back on that day and laugh.
At the power and water that were not staying on for the day. 
(Who knows were we will be on that day!)
The power was off most the day, except it came back for two hours,
just enough time for me to finish the last cake, and to make dinner.
I think I did pretty good, considering the limited ability to decorate!
Your Aunt Diana came for the weekend from Kigali to come
celebrate your birthday with us, and you just stared at her for a good hour.
Not talking, not playing, but were completely intruiged with Aunt Diana.
Josee and Chantal came home from Gisenyi, where they are going to college
also to celebrate. You were a bit confused at all the people in the house,
there to celebrate your life and the blessing you are to all of us.
Alice also came from Gisenyi to celebrate with us,
mama met here in Imbabazi orphanage back in 2011!!
I randomly ran into her on a bus one day, and she often comes to see
all of us at the house now, and will whip you up a hat or scarf,
with her amazing crocheting skills.
Tara, Alison, Elise, and some interns also came for the celebration of your
first year!! When we brought out the cake and we all sang to you,
you just stared at everyone and was wondering what in the world
was going on. Mama blew out your candle as you just stared and wondered
why all these people where here, and why we all were singing and this cake
was in front of you. You had no idea what the cake was, but once you tried
a bite, you were in love with cake. Still the power was off, but thankfully the
camera has a flash. And mama put out some laterns around the living room
and kitchen so we could all see and not be bumping into each other.
Are you sure its alright I just make a mess of this?
Going for the big guns spoon.
And then the girl's did some traditonal dancing, some calipso, and other
random dancing and drama's. ;)
Then mama wrapped you on her back, because you were definetly coming
down from the sugar high from the cake. And you feel asleep, having
been celebrated in how much we love you and thank God for you
and your first year of life. I pray your second year just blesses
your socks off!
Sweet Moses,
I wonder if someday you will be looking back at this blog post. Seeing how we celebrated
your first year of life. I hope you know just how loved you are, how celebrated
and treasured you are. I hope you know how adored you are by so many people
here in Rwanda, and all the way across the Ocean on another contient. I could
not imagine my lfie without you. I love everything about you. I love how when you
are cranky and we try to get you to smile, you scrunch your face up, and try so hard
to maintain your crakiness. I love how excited you get when I walk in the door.
I love how you look shocked and agast when soemone takes a bite of your food.
I love how you tap my back when you are wrapped on my back. I love how
you use your fingers like chop sticks. God has amazing plans for your life,
and I am so thankful I get to snuggle with you everyday. I am so blessed to have you
in my life. And my life is so much better with you in it. You have brought so much
joy, laughter, and silliness to my life. I wouldn't change a single minute
of it for anything. And I cannot wait to see the man you will become.
Strong in the Lord, and mighty in Christ's power. You my little man,
are going to change the world. You sure have changed my world, and made it
a more beautiful place.
When you were three weeks old, in the orphanage.

The happy growing ever so quickly boy you are today.

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