Thursday, March 21, 2013


You guys have been AMAZING!!!
And the closer it comes to opening the doors of the daycare,
I must admit I am a mix of emotions!
From excitement, fear, anticipation, and everything else.
We are working on the cribs, and attempting to make the crib
mattresses. And YOU guys made that all possible.
Seriously you ROCK!
We have had so many people send or bring sippy cups,
bottles, toddlers plates and bowls, and toys!!
We have some people working on a clothe diaper revolution.
And I am working on just knowing how to do it correctly.
But Moses takes his mommies attempts at learning in strides.
Word is spreading like wild fire about Kwirigira daycare.
Yep, we have a name!
And in Kinyarwanda it means "To believe."
Because we partnering with the famalies in beliving in the hope and future
God has for each employee, each child, and their famalies.
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you declairs the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope
and a future!"
So as my storage is filling up.
And I have been meeting with people about placing their children in the daycares.
Sipping tea in many Rwandan homes, and getting to know more of the community.
We are ready to hit the next step!!!
Which is getting the finances for the rent of the daycare house.
How exiciting!!!!
That is what 8-365 is all about!
Rent at the house is $250 a month.
12 months in a year. (as you know of course)
Which is $3,000 for a year of rent at the house.
Break that down to a day, and its $8 a day for rent.
So YOU can keep the daycare doors open, for just a day.
You can donate rent for ONE day.
Just a $8 donation, will keep the doors of the daycare open.
365 people, one $8 donation.  
When I look at this in its wholeness, I get overwhelmed.
Like really overwhelmed.
I am a planner.
 I like to know things are going to work.
I like to make lists, organize things, plan my time.
But when I look at one day at a time, it becomes doable for my little mind.
Of course I know ALL things are possible in Christ Jesus.
And often have to remind myself that this is HIS ministry not mine.
This is all about him, this is all him, and I am just getting to enjoy
a front row seat of what he is doing.  
Click the "donate now" button on the right hand side toward the top.
And scroll down, and choose "Tina Zielke" from the drop down menu.
Donate $8. Just $8. And you are helping us get this done.
One. Day. At. A. Time.

365 people. 
A one time $8 donation
"Do something so big that it is doomed for failure, unless God is in it."
~Unknown author
Lots of love from Rwanda,

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