Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Preparing for the daycare.....

Well life has changed a whole lot for this girl the last month or so.
I am a bit sleep deprived, and covered in baby slober most days.
Moses has grown like a weed! Since he has been home, he has cut
three new teeth, started crawling, and started to pull himself up to stand
and walk along the furniture. My days are filled with changing diapers,
shooting teething gums, making bottles, and smushing up many different
foods for him to try in the day. And I absolutely LOVE it, he is the
sweetest and happiest boy. And he kinda is amazing!
A lot has been happening sorta at warp speed, and I feel like
my head is spinning just trying to catch up. Things have had to
become very deliberate. From my time in the Word and prayer in the mornings.
And even working on anything other than dirty diapers, crawling, and keeping
this little man moving.
But in the midst of all that, I need to start getting the daycare moving along!
And for that I need YOUR help! We need to start getting items for the daycare
so it can begin. My target date was the beginning of March
In Africa time, that means the end of April or beginning of May.
But now we are looking for a new house, and we need to start getting items to get
the place started! I cannot wait to introduce you to the two girls who will
start working for the daycare. And we are currently looking for someone to cook
and do some light cleaning. So the two girls can keep focused on the kids,
and not preparing lunches, or washing bottles. They can be
completely focused on the kids for the entire day.
The things we need to get this thing off the ground, are some of the basics.
I need to buy some cribs, which cost about $100 a peice.
I need to get some bottles which will cost $5 each in Gisenyi.
I need to get some mischelanous things, like blankets, mattresses, crib sheets, and toys.
If you would like to purchase some of these items, you can click the "donate now"
button up on the right hand corner, and select my name from the drop down menu.
You might have some questions about the daycare. Mainly being, why?
I have spent much time, in the infant room at the daycare. Mainly because
of the little boy who now covers me in slober, and wakes me up, and his
smile kinda lights up my world.
I have come to know the house mama's in the infant room really well.
And whenever I was there, and a new baby had come into the orphanage,
the house mama's would quickly show me who was new.
Everytime I would inquire about the newest infant in the baby room of the orphanage.
And I cannot tell you how many times I have heard.
"The mother died in childbirth, so they brought the baby here."
As I continued to ask questions, I am told over and over how the father cannot
work because the mother has died, and they have no way to care for a infant and make
a income.
This daycare will be COMPLETELY FREE to widows, and single parents.
And hopefully will help single parents, and widows, continue to support their families,
and not have to abandon their children.
It will help single parents already working to continue to work, and not have
to worry about a infant in tow at work for the day.
It hopefully will cut down on toddlers and infants who are left home alone the
entire day, as their one parent goes to make money to provide for them.
Orphan care is simply not only about caring for the already orphaned children,
orphan care, is also about preventing more orphans from happening.
It is about giving the resources to parents, to care for their children.
And it is going to do so much more than that. As it is also going to be
helping those who are employed by the daycare.
One of the sweet girls who will be the manager of the daycare,
her father remarried, and her mother had passed away.
She is in her early twenties, and once her father remarried,
he discared his children from his first marriage, in order to start a family
with his new wife. This young lady, did not forgo her younger siblings.
But she has taken a full time job for a small salary, so that she can continue
to put her younger siblings through school. She has stepped up, and refuses
to leave her younger siblings to fend for themselves.
She has three younger siblings who are still in school. And she works tirelessly
to make a income to do just that.
The daycare will not only be helping single parents and widows, to have a safe,
and thriving environment to place their children during the day.
But it will also help people like Josephine, who is supporting her younger
siblings, so they have a chance.
So lets get this thing moving! We need to get the rent on the house that we find.
(We previously had a house, and made a agreement with the landlord,
but when it came time to pay the first months rent, he demanded six months rent upfront.
Which I could not provide to him, to keep the house.)
So I am currently looking for a new house to have the daycare start in.
We need to get the cribs, get the bottles, start getting formula, and all those things we need.
And I know it seems a little crazy for me to be starting this, when at the
moment I have ZERO of the funding to get this off the ground.
But if I always waiting for everything to be in place, and all the funding to be there,
I don't think I would ever do anything at all.
Sometimes you gotta keep walking toward something, in faith, to see it unfold.
And so far that has been so true of everything many things.
So, lets get this party started!!
In Christ,


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