Friday, February 1, 2013

Moving day

Today as we have been running around like crazy ladies,
I thought about this blog post I made just back at the end of November.
Well, A LOT has happened since then.
Today we say good bye to this house...
Alot of great memories where made here, but its time to bid you farewell.
And moved into this house....
Yeah, I would say this is a VAST improvement!!
This is the front gate, going into the house. The wall all the way around the new
house is HUGE. Because it will be a deterent and challenge to would be
machete carrying middle of the night theives!
I am kinda in love with the front yard/garden. So much more quiet
and relaxing, and being totally gated in, it is much more seperated.
A nice little place of rest. I told a friend I might just sit in the yard
everyday looking at the lie!
And in case you are wondering what this amazing thing is,
Yep, we have HOT WATER. Life just got AWESOME!
We have TWO bathrooms, with working showers!!
Did I mention hot water too? No more brushing our teeth
in the back yard, because the only place to rinse and spit
is, well, in the yard itself.

Our kitchen kinda rocks my world, and it has a sink, and a sink,
that works. Have I mentioned how awesome life has gotten?
And we have a fridge and a stove!!!
And of course there is a house for the guard by the front gate as well.
So today has had a whole lot of this going on...
And this....
And a little of this as well.....
And just when I wanted to complain a bit about all the work,
You walk out of the gate to make the next trip of things,
and see this amazing ladies, carrying all this.
Yeah, maybe another trip of luggage filled isn't so bad!
And if you didn't know yet, I am also now fostering Moses.
So I get to see this sweet face all day, everyday.
Seriously this kid could not be any cuter!!
I could not have done it without YOU!!!
All you who have made donations, who are such amazing cheerleaders,
who pray for me and the girls, send the most beautiful and swet emails,
the phone calls home, that get me ready to take on another day.
And I want to make a few special shout outs, to some amazing unexpected donations from..

And Jodi Jones middle school class
You guys are AMAZING!!!
And your extra unexpected love, has surely made a house a home.
And has given us extra peace of mind, to sleep at night, in a new home,
which is better protected against theives.
Also, in case you didn't know. I am now going through His Chase.
As I had all my donors switch over, to give through His Chase, a few donors
where unable to make the switch or continue with their commitment.
So if you would like to be a monthly donor, follow the link on the right hand
side of my blog here, where it says "Donate now".
And on the drop down menu, choose Tina Zielke.
Those monthly donations is how life gets accomplished every month.
And I would be ever so grateful for any amount you would be
willing to commit too.
Lots of love from Rwanda,


  1. Praising God along side you! What a blessing!!

  2. I love what God is doing through you. So very exciting! Praising God with you for hot water and you beautiful new home.

  3. The new place where you’re residing at is way better than the first one! I hope you don’t get me wrong; I’m not belittling your previous home as I know that you made fond memories there. It’s just that your new place has a lot of space and obviously offers a lot more than what the first house could provide. Nonetheless, what’s important is that you stay true to your commitment, no matter where you’re staying. Be safe, Tina!

    Dominic Ly