Saturday, February 23, 2013

A little dream. . .

Did I mention this little dream of mine?
I am planning on starting a daycare here in Rwanda.
This daycare will be free to widows, single parents,
and those in need. It will provide a safe and loving place
to leave their children in the day while they go out and provide for their famalies.
This daycare will be COMPLETELY free, to those famalies.
And not only will it provide help for the famalies, the children,
but also those who will be employed by the daycare.
One of the girls I am employing mother died, and her father discarded
his children, when he got remarried. Josephine works so hard
to put her siblings through school, so they have a hope and future.
The daycare will also be helping people like Josephine and her siblings.
I really need your help to get this project started.
A crib costs $100. And I still need to get mattresses for them,
sheets, bottles, formula, and everything to get it started.
The house the daycare will be in will cost $250 a month.
And I would love to be able to pay 3 months right off the bat.
Would you consider partnering with me in this daycare,
and standing alongeside these single parents and widows,
beside these children, and the women who will have a steady employement?
Click the donate now button on the right hand side of this blog
and select my name from the drop down menu.
In Christ,
Moses wants YOU to be a part of this!

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