Saturday, February 23, 2013

A little dream. . .

Did I mention this little dream of mine?
I am planning on starting a daycare here in Rwanda.
This daycare will be free to widows, single parents,
and those in need. It will provide a safe and loving place
to leave their children in the day while they go out and provide for their famalies.
This daycare will be COMPLETELY free, to those famalies.
And not only will it provide help for the famalies, the children,
but also those who will be employed by the daycare.
One of the girls I am employing mother died, and her father discarded
his children, when he got remarried. Josephine works so hard
to put her siblings through school, so they have a hope and future.
The daycare will also be helping people like Josephine and her siblings.
I really need your help to get this project started.
A crib costs $100. And I still need to get mattresses for them,
sheets, bottles, formula, and everything to get it started.
The house the daycare will be in will cost $250 a month.
And I would love to be able to pay 3 months right off the bat.
Would you consider partnering with me in this daycare,
and standing alongeside these single parents and widows,
beside these children, and the women who will have a steady employement?
Click the donate now button on the right hand side of this blog
and select my name from the drop down menu.
In Christ,
Moses wants YOU to be a part of this!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Currently. . . .

Borrowing the "currently" blod idea from some friends. Enjoyed sitting down and writing this out this afternoon. Because of course I did not have a hundred things to cross off my to-do list. ;)

 drinking- fresh pineapple juice when I can.

appreciating how my church supports me, in every way possible while I am here in Rwanda. Seriously, I have the most incredible church family on the planet.

watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

laughing with my friend Shoghi. Sweetest guy from Kenya, who is a riot to hang out with.

eating all kinds of varations of potatoes, rice, and pasta. (even sometimes pasta with potatoes mixed in!) Normally I eat whatever the girls make, but lately I have been venturing out and making some of my own food. Lee Mistico, that one pound of mac n cheese dry cheese, is not going to waste, yo. And thinking about the fact I have gouda cheese, bacon bits, and potatoes. Something amazing has got to come out of that, right?

dreaming of August. 15 people from my church are coming on a short term missions trip here to Rwanda. I seriously cannot wait to see those two worlds collide!

waiting for Moses to take a nap, so I can take a shower. Seriously.

planning a short term missions trip for MY CHURCH IN AMERICA. Yeah, I know I have said it a few times, but seriously. Who gets to see their life in two continents collide together. I am pretty stinking excited!

packages. Ya'll love me and the girls here so amazingly. I seriously think ya'll have set the record for packages in Rwanda to one person.

sleeping.. really well. I got a real mattress like two months ago. Holla. No more waking up with back aches. Seriously, its INCREDIBLE.

remembering I am loved, not based on what I can do, what I have done, or what I will do. Simply, amazingly, lavishly, loved by a real big God.

brainstorming for the daycare and short term missions trip. (covered in drool from the cutest almost one year old)

wearing the same clothes I have been wearing for over six months. I think I might need to add a few things to my wardrobe when I am in America. Seriously.

considering taking a trip to Goma, Congo. To visit some friends from The Mercy Corp.

making brownies tonight. Loooove my stove.

feeling lonesome. Real lonesome. Seriously missing my friends in America, and getting to really talk. Anyone who even knows the slightest english, I might just talk their ear off.

getting emotional, because of the previous statement.

loving the garden at my new house, and the front porch. Sometimes life gets overwhelming, but love that I can close the gate, and it is so peaceful and calm. Definelty a place of rest, and security.

crying at the drop of a hat these days.

listening to Andrew Peterson, Reseruction Letters 2 album A LOT. Love Is A Good Thing, is my new favorite. Real, raw, honest, not the rose colored glasses stuff ya'll.

acknowledging I need to work on not getting so frustrated so easily these days. Seriously layed in bed last night meditating on how God is slow to anger and quick to love, and pleading for some more patience.

enjoying the cutest almost one year old on the planet.

thankful that in July I get to go home to America for a bit. (And get to bring 15 people back to Rwanda with me for two weeks? Seriously, could not be more amazing!)

currently missing this girl. Visiting day at her school is March 3rd, and cannot come soon enough!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our lives flipped upside down

Yep, my days pretty much revolve around this drooling, growing at the speed of light, giggly, little boy. From meals, to snacks, teething, and bedtimes, and establishing routines. It changes your whole world when you let a infant into it. His little world has changed, as well as mine. It has changed all for the better. The hardest obstacle has been sleep. I immediately implimented a routine of sleep for this little guy, and meals, as soon as he came home. He totally loves trying new foods, and you cannot get it in his mouth fast enough. We don't deal too much with the crying between bites anymore, which is FANTASTIC. I think he has learned, the food will keep on coming. But like I said, sleep is still a issue. Before his naps were going like clockwork. And his nighttime, sleep routine was the one with the issue. Always waking a mama up like 5-6 times in a night. Often he finds comfort for me to pick him up out of his crib, lay him on my chest, and he would snuggle back into sleep. In which I could then lay him down next to me, and go back to sleep myself. Now, we have switched it for longer night times of sleep, to virtually non existent nap times. I struggled at first to think my little man was having nightmares and night terrors. Surely a infant has no memory of his abandonment, and time in the orphanage. This as you struggle to establish to him that you are the mama, and you will meet his needs, and that not every adult is a caregiver, or parent figure. But the more research and reading I have done. My little guy has nightmares and night terrors. They have lessoned so much, but still they happen. Last night as I layed in bed, with him sound asleep in the crib next to me, I was reading "Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child" and came to the part on sleep. This was after reading how infants retain memories. How even after a few days old, being seperated from their mom, they pefeer their moms voice, from the voice of other woman. How toddlers as young as one, have been able to play out, what happened and how they were orphaned, with no one telling them prior. How they do in fact retain the memories. Infants might not be able to tell you or play out, but how they respond even months after being seperated from their birth mom, respond to their voice, by more vigerous suckling. I was not a keen fan, on the fact that you should not wake a baby or child from a night terror. My sweet little man will begin to cry and scream in his sleep, and be a asleep. Sometimes with his eyes open, and screaming, but once he calms down, his eyes close, and his breathing goes back to his normal sleeping rhythm. (I can tell when he has fallen asleep wrapped on my back, by his breathing) So this little man has some past things to get past. As we continue to establish I am his mama. I have noticed changes in that area as well. It amazes me, how he does not want to go to the other girls, much to their dismay from time to time. If he see's me, its all over. Which makes it kinda hard to make a bottle, as he freaks out if he see's the bottle being made, and he does not have it immediately. I have also noticed, how when we are not home, he is more hesitent of strangers. He is more apt to the giggles and play with people he is unfamilar if he is in his home. Outside of it, his little eyes scan everywhere, and he might look at you, like who in the world are you? Indeed his little world has been flipped upside down, no longer with a parade of caregivers. And indeed my life has been flipped upside down, with this little guy attached to my hip everyday. And I do not think either me or him would change that for anything. Even in the days when my eyes are blood shot, and I cry because I feel so horrible for him screaming and crying in his sleep, knowing he is having a night terror. (ugh, really. Do NOT wake him up from these? Kill. A. Mama!) Even on the hardest days, my life is so much better with him. He came into my life as quiet the little surprise. This little 3 week old baby who captured my heart, and dominated my prayers. I had no idea back then, that this little boy, would one day call me mama. Two nights ago as he slept, and I held him in my arms, I prayed his over my little guy.

Psalms 91

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Moses will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust."

Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover Moses with his feathers,
and under his wings Moses will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be Moses shield and rampart.
Moses will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at Moses side,
ten thousand at his right hand,
but it will not come near him.
Moses will only observe with his eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.

If Moses say, "The Lord is my refuge,"
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
no harm will overtake him,
no disaster will come near his tent.
For he will command his angels concerning Moses
to guard him in all your ways;
they will lift Moses up in their hands,
so that he will not strike your foot against a stone.
Moses will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

"Because Moses loves me," says the Lord, "I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation."

Did I tell you about Moses, bringing to the orphanage? He was left in a cardboard box, near the gates, in a rain storm. That is why I call him Moses.

Exodus 2:10 NIV "She took him to Pharoahs daughter and he became her son. She named Him Moses, saying "I drew him out of the water."

His Rwandese name is Habinaza which means "Their is goodness in God." When I started to foster him and he was brought to me, I was asked to give him a second name. In which in no hesitation I said "Moses."

Moses when I met him at 3 weeks old.
Middle of the night giggles...
First taste of mac n cheese. Yep, he's my son.
First taste of chocolate pudding. Success!!
I told you he is growing a warp speed. Started crawling a few weeks home!
Not a great picture, but right after I snapped this shot, He took HIS FRIST STEP!
Promptly falling on his bottom. But I think we might have a walker soon!
First time at Lake Kivu, very unsure of this big bathtub.
3 week old Moses hands, resting on mine in sleep.
My ever growing little man.
The man of the house at Serena for dinner, for a go get em,
dinner with sister Alysse, before boarding school.
Yep, my life has been flipped upside down, in the most beautiful way.
My routine has been shaken up in the most amazing ways.
Everything has changed in the best ways possible.
Mama, loves you so much Moses. And as I look back at your life, the tears,
they just flow. As you have dominated my prayers and time.
And your mama would have it no other way.
You will not walk this out alone, little man.
Mama is right here. And refuses to budge if you are not beside her.
Lots of love from Rwanda,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Preparing for the daycare.....

Well life has changed a whole lot for this girl the last month or so.
I am a bit sleep deprived, and covered in baby slober most days.
Moses has grown like a weed! Since he has been home, he has cut
three new teeth, started crawling, and started to pull himself up to stand
and walk along the furniture. My days are filled with changing diapers,
shooting teething gums, making bottles, and smushing up many different
foods for him to try in the day. And I absolutely LOVE it, he is the
sweetest and happiest boy. And he kinda is amazing!
A lot has been happening sorta at warp speed, and I feel like
my head is spinning just trying to catch up. Things have had to
become very deliberate. From my time in the Word and prayer in the mornings.
And even working on anything other than dirty diapers, crawling, and keeping
this little man moving.
But in the midst of all that, I need to start getting the daycare moving along!
And for that I need YOUR help! We need to start getting items for the daycare
so it can begin. My target date was the beginning of March
In Africa time, that means the end of April or beginning of May.
But now we are looking for a new house, and we need to start getting items to get
the place started! I cannot wait to introduce you to the two girls who will
start working for the daycare. And we are currently looking for someone to cook
and do some light cleaning. So the two girls can keep focused on the kids,
and not preparing lunches, or washing bottles. They can be
completely focused on the kids for the entire day.
The things we need to get this thing off the ground, are some of the basics.
I need to buy some cribs, which cost about $100 a peice.
I need to get some bottles which will cost $5 each in Gisenyi.
I need to get some mischelanous things, like blankets, mattresses, crib sheets, and toys.
If you would like to purchase some of these items, you can click the "donate now"
button up on the right hand corner, and select my name from the drop down menu.
You might have some questions about the daycare. Mainly being, why?
I have spent much time, in the infant room at the daycare. Mainly because
of the little boy who now covers me in slober, and wakes me up, and his
smile kinda lights up my world.
I have come to know the house mama's in the infant room really well.
And whenever I was there, and a new baby had come into the orphanage,
the house mama's would quickly show me who was new.
Everytime I would inquire about the newest infant in the baby room of the orphanage.
And I cannot tell you how many times I have heard.
"The mother died in childbirth, so they brought the baby here."
As I continued to ask questions, I am told over and over how the father cannot
work because the mother has died, and they have no way to care for a infant and make
a income.
This daycare will be COMPLETELY FREE to widows, and single parents.
And hopefully will help single parents, and widows, continue to support their families,
and not have to abandon their children.
It will help single parents already working to continue to work, and not have
to worry about a infant in tow at work for the day.
It hopefully will cut down on toddlers and infants who are left home alone the
entire day, as their one parent goes to make money to provide for them.
Orphan care is simply not only about caring for the already orphaned children,
orphan care, is also about preventing more orphans from happening.
It is about giving the resources to parents, to care for their children.
And it is going to do so much more than that. As it is also going to be
helping those who are employed by the daycare.
One of the sweet girls who will be the manager of the daycare,
her father remarried, and her mother had passed away.
She is in her early twenties, and once her father remarried,
he discared his children from his first marriage, in order to start a family
with his new wife. This young lady, did not forgo her younger siblings.
But she has taken a full time job for a small salary, so that she can continue
to put her younger siblings through school. She has stepped up, and refuses
to leave her younger siblings to fend for themselves.
She has three younger siblings who are still in school. And she works tirelessly
to make a income to do just that.
The daycare will not only be helping single parents and widows, to have a safe,
and thriving environment to place their children during the day.
But it will also help people like Josephine, who is supporting her younger
siblings, so they have a chance.
So lets get this thing moving! We need to get the rent on the house that we find.
(We previously had a house, and made a agreement with the landlord,
but when it came time to pay the first months rent, he demanded six months rent upfront.
Which I could not provide to him, to keep the house.)
So I am currently looking for a new house to have the daycare start in.
We need to get the cribs, get the bottles, start getting formula, and all those things we need.
And I know it seems a little crazy for me to be starting this, when at the
moment I have ZERO of the funding to get this off the ground.
But if I always waiting for everything to be in place, and all the funding to be there,
I don't think I would ever do anything at all.
Sometimes you gotta keep walking toward something, in faith, to see it unfold.
And so far that has been so true of everything many things.
So, lets get this party started!!
In Christ,


Friday, February 1, 2013

Moving day

Today as we have been running around like crazy ladies,
I thought about this blog post I made just back at the end of November.
Well, A LOT has happened since then.
Today we say good bye to this house...
Alot of great memories where made here, but its time to bid you farewell.
And moved into this house....
Yeah, I would say this is a VAST improvement!!
This is the front gate, going into the house. The wall all the way around the new
house is HUGE. Because it will be a deterent and challenge to would be
machete carrying middle of the night theives!
I am kinda in love with the front yard/garden. So much more quiet
and relaxing, and being totally gated in, it is much more seperated.
A nice little place of rest. I told a friend I might just sit in the yard
everyday looking at the lie!
And in case you are wondering what this amazing thing is,
Yep, we have HOT WATER. Life just got AWESOME!
We have TWO bathrooms, with working showers!!
Did I mention hot water too? No more brushing our teeth
in the back yard, because the only place to rinse and spit
is, well, in the yard itself.

Our kitchen kinda rocks my world, and it has a sink, and a sink,
that works. Have I mentioned how awesome life has gotten?
And we have a fridge and a stove!!!
And of course there is a house for the guard by the front gate as well.
So today has had a whole lot of this going on...
And this....
And a little of this as well.....
And just when I wanted to complain a bit about all the work,
You walk out of the gate to make the next trip of things,
and see this amazing ladies, carrying all this.
Yeah, maybe another trip of luggage filled isn't so bad!
And if you didn't know yet, I am also now fostering Moses.
So I get to see this sweet face all day, everyday.
Seriously this kid could not be any cuter!!
I could not have done it without YOU!!!
All you who have made donations, who are such amazing cheerleaders,
who pray for me and the girls, send the most beautiful and swet emails,
the phone calls home, that get me ready to take on another day.
And I want to make a few special shout outs, to some amazing unexpected donations from..

And Jodi Jones middle school class
You guys are AMAZING!!!
And your extra unexpected love, has surely made a house a home.
And has given us extra peace of mind, to sleep at night, in a new home,
which is better protected against theives.
Also, in case you didn't know. I am now going through His Chase.
As I had all my donors switch over, to give through His Chase, a few donors
where unable to make the switch or continue with their commitment.
So if you would like to be a monthly donor, follow the link on the right hand
side of my blog here, where it says "Donate now".
And on the drop down menu, choose Tina Zielke.
Those monthly donations is how life gets accomplished every month.
And I would be ever so grateful for any amount you would be
willing to commit too.
Lots of love from Rwanda,