Monday, December 17, 2012

Loved extravegntly!

Hey!! So I have had people wondering why I haven't updated. My laptop decided to bounce across the floor and I sadly report has died. (RIP, Short was our time together but oh you were loved!) So now to access internet I have to run to Gisenyi, and hop on wifi on my Kindle or Android phone. (which is worthless here as a phone, but alas... can use for wifi!) In the midst of a few more complications/hurdles thrown in their for good measure. I have been blessed like you would not believe!!! After my laptop broke, my team leader posted about it on facebook. The amazing Carmen Lindie, who was my awesome room mate on my first trip, her soon to be husband donated one. To make the blessing even MORE amazing. Katherine from my first trip comes back with Visiting Orphans at the end of this month, and will hand deliver the blessing. (I tell ya, I am bursting with blessings!!) Other than that, my house has been a flurry of activity! As donations come we keep getting to do more. I cannot  wait to blog about that when I get my laptpp. The house is plastered in paper snowflakes, we found a Charlie Brownish Christmas tree in Kigali. (In which I carried back on my lap on a bus filled with Rwandese people, staring at me wondering why in the world I had this fake tree on my lap on the bus!) Which we decorated in ordaments I got in Uganda. And we put a banana leaf nativity scene next to it. I think I have broken some Rwandan package record at the post office. I rode NINE packages back to my house on the back of a moto last week! And I have presents hidden all over my bedroom. The girls are so excited to open presents and have a stocking this year for Christmas. We finished the shelter for our guard, we have the garden prepped to be planted. This week we start the shelter for the goats, we got outlets put in the kitchen for the fridge and stove. We are fencing in a area of the yard, for the goats to graze. Two of the girls, my vet, and Fidel went into East Rwanda to look at goats about two weeks ago. Needless to say, it has been the most amazing flurry of business. I find myself running into Gisenyi often to access wifi, so I can keep working on the amazing things coming together at our house. I sit here writing this sipping African tea, in Gisenyi, switching from my Android to my Kindle. (neither is easy to write a blog post on!) But hey, I am in Africa, and writing a blog post on wifi. So the amazingness of that is far from lost! We have been LOVED EXTRAVAGENTLY this month in Rwanda. And I feel the blessings wash over me, and sometimes I am overwhelmed by your love, and could simply BURST! THANK YOU!!! There is still more to get, and donations could so be used in a myrid of ways. We are awed and AMAZED by you! Because seriously, you are the ones who love us so much from afar. I never cease to be amazed at people who love these kids, who have never gotten to talk to them, hold them, play with them, laugh with them, and cry with them. It makes me think how Jesus said how blessed are those who believe and have not seen. I think a special blessing is for those who have loved those from afar they have never met. So in short, you all are loving us so extravagently. And at the end of this month, I cannot wait to show you all that has happened at my home. All that has happened all over this place. For you to see the girls ripping off wrapping paper off presents. And see all the blessings you have lavished upon us. I think I might just burst, from feeling the extravagent love.

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