Friday, November 23, 2012

Making a house a home.

Hey everyone. 

There has been some AMAZING things going on here. 
And I have to say, I have been BLOWN AWAY. 
One thing that has just simply blown my mind, 
is that recently I had two people come to me about fund raising for us. 

I guess for me that has made me feel like some things are more attainable. 
So I thought perhaps I would let ya in on some of the things we are 
really praying to get into our house. 
And a little dream I have been dreaming here in Rwanda. 

We had a few "couches" in the house, 
but I found out they belong to the landlord, and he came
one day and decided to take all of his stuff from the house. 
Which included a table/chairs (we have a table and chairs, but still
not enough for everyone to sit down to a meal, if everyone is here
for holidays and breaks from school, since some are boarded students)
the "couches" we had in the house, and the curtains. 
Though we have now made our own curtains for main area's that really need it. 

Those where the "couches" the landlord took back and table. 
But there is another table and chairs in the house. 

The AMAZING children of Oswego Christian and Missionary alliance
raised $200 toward a fridge for our house. 
Which is going to be A-MAZING!! 
But for the fridge we still need $150 more. 
Another person is going to be fundraising to get us a stove/oven
which is going to cost about $350-$400 as well. 

I also would like to get some stuff for the girls rooms. 
Like a dresser/armoir for each room. 

So here is the list and the prices of the things are hoping 
to cozy up our home.

Chair 8,000 FRW ($13) (We would love to get 5-6 more chairs)

Table 25,000 ($41)

Couch 300,000 ($500)

Dresser 60,000 ($100)
Armoir 80,000 ($133)
(one for each room)

Coffee table 40,000 ($66)

Shelter for guard 100,000 ($166)

Shelter for goats – 80,000 ($133)

Fridge- 210,000 ($350) ($200 raised so far!)

Stove/oven – 220,000 ($366)

Two more mosquito nets- 5,000 ($8 each)

(600 Rwandan Francs is $1 USD)

Oh yeah, we really want to get some goats, so we 
can have goats milk, and also make cheese. 
I think I am the one mostly dreaming of cheese. 
But before we can get the goats, we need to 
make a shelter or place for the goats to chill, 
and do their amazing milk making thing. 

If you want to donate to help us get some things into the house, 
so it is a bit more homey and cozy. 
You can click on the donate now button up there. 
If you want your money to be used specifically for a certain things, 
then just write that in the note when you donate, or 
shoot me a email and let me know. :) 

I cannot wait to show you the snug as a bug in a rug, 
the house is going to get. For me and the lovelies in there. 

I appreciate ALL of you sooo much. 
And seriously you guys have shown SO MUCH love to us, 
and we are so grateful for everyone of you, 
and all that you have done to continually pour into us. 

Seriously none of this would be possible without you all. 

Lots of love from Rwanda, 

Dreaming a little dream

I have been dreaming of opening up a daycare in Rwanda, 
in the very near future. I have already been talking to people, 
making lists, and looking into curriculum. 
I really want to provide FREE childcare to widowed 
or single parents who are working so hard to 
provide for their children. 
Still looking at how that is going to work. 
And will keep you posted on how God opens doors
and provides as He is so amazing at doing. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm still here. . .

Hey, its been awhile. 

In case ya'll are wondering. 

(Firstly, I hang out with Americans, 
who are southern in Rwanda. So I have this
odd Southern Kinyaenglish style language happening.)

Here is some of what has been going on.

These three left for a awesome University! So we had cake
of course, the night before they left. 

And Amelie took it as a perfect opportunity
to take off in a mad dash with left over frosting.

Seriously though, I miss em, and just adore those three girls. 

I went to Kampala, Uganda for a week. 
And got to see some INCREDIBLE sunrises over Lake Victoria

I felt all cool, and adventurous sitting side-saddle on the Boda Boda.
That is till I saw a elderly African nun owning the side saddle boda boda riding.
(That is Tara and Alison in the pic above.)

I got a serious work-out taking a trip up these steps,
to see a awesome view of Kampala. 

I came home and girls were coming home from boarding school. 
(I seriously think this house has a revolving door!)

Bridgette (holding our puppy) and Alysse,
next to her. So glad to have them back for break!
They all were loving the hotel extra's I packed, and thought
the ornaments make excellent earrings. 

Josiane became a TEENAGER! She is growing up so fast.  Wasn't it just yesterday
I stepped off the bus at the orphanage and she took my hand, singing and swinging my hand?
Oh yeah, that was a year and a half ago. What?! I love the young lady she is becoming.
I totally adore this girl. 

I introduced the girls to this...

And got a bunch of this...

Hanging out with Moses at the orphanage. . .

Seriously, he is growing up so fast too.
He is going to be ONE in March.
And he kinda has a huge place in my heart
reserved for him. 

Watching Rebecca at the orphanage, jump rope,
color, spin, dance, sing, and attempt kartwheels.
Playing that game with rocks with her. Saying "wow" a hundred
times, at the same thing. Giving her piggy back rides
and loving seeing her sweet smile, and precious giggles. 

We got FOUR packages so far in November. 
I might have teared up when I saw tortellini, and beef/cheese sticks. 
You guys ROCK! You are showering me in packages from 
America, filled with love, needs, wants, and more love. 
We are so thankful, you don't even know! 

It's been really weird, that there is a legit war next door in DRC. 
Yesterday quiet a few people asked me if I heard the bombs. 
And its been kinda odd to sit here, and listen to bombs in Goma. 
We are fine, the war is so not in Rwanda, but we are 13 miles from where
the war is happening. So please be praying for peace for our neighbors. 
Its been a bit surreal heading into Gisenyi yesterday (5 miles from the border
where we go to get internet, airtime, power, etc) and see so many
UN, Mercy Corp (No idea who they are, but there is a whole lotta em) 
And I could hear the pops of gunfire, and booms of bombs so much clearer. 
Lots of military peoples. And to see hundreds of people
coming in Rwanda. Some told me they are from DRC, 
others have told me they are from Rwanda, but too close to the border. 
I figure it is probably a bit of both. 
So we are praying for peace for our neighbors in DRC. 

I had the kids at CMA in Oswego raise money so we can get a fridge. 
I had another person COME TO ME, about fundraising for a stove/oven. 
That just blew me away. That these two things, people have come to me
to fund raise. Seriously, that is legit AMAZING! 
I cannot tell you how you bless our socks off. 
And next week, I am going to offer some opportunity to help
us get some other much needed items into this house. :)
And perhaps, some goats. I am researching for goats, 
and I got some of my guys here on the search. 
Goat milk? Yes, please. Feta cheese? YES!!! 

Lots of love from Rwanda, 

PS- To those of you who blessed us with chickens, 
I have been able to bless lots of other people too with eggs. 
Those chickens are amazing crazy egg layers. 
(And cannibals, since they pecked one to death and ate him!)
I was visiting with a elderly widowed neighbor yesterday, 
and was able to give her like 20 eggs. 
And I just wanted to let ya know, what a blessing they are
in so many ways, to so many people. 
Those chickens are legit feathered blessings! <3