Monday, October 22, 2012

Where did the time go?!

Wow, I have been in Rwanda now over two months! 
How in the world did that happen?! 
Time sure is zipping by like it is nobodies business. 
So, I figured I would just show you some of the stuff 
going on here in Rwanda.
I have been......

Trying to convince a bunch of chickens to stop
following me because I am not their mama. 

Catching chickens... 

Adoring my neighbors kids. 

Enjoying scrambled eggs and ketchup, breakfasts! 

Getting really excited to spot things like this lizard. 

Spending hours stuck somewhere in the rain...
(That time it was in the market in Gisenyi....)
And rain season is only halfway over. *sigh*

Learning to make new things....

Letting the girls take over, so it is done right.

Being a tad obsessed with Sombusa!!

Amelie the master chef!! 

Having bible study to find out what God says about us. 

Praying together. 

Heading to Kigali for a weekend,
and missing the girls something ridiculous!

My breath getting taken away at many turns in a day,
at the beauty and splendor of God's handiwork
in this GORGEOUS country!!

Hiking down from church, and being side tracked by beauty. 

Getting home from Kigali, getting ready really fast,
and then heading into Gisenyi so my internet is fast enough too....

Go to church in New York, while I am in Africa.
And being blessed beyond words expression!!!

And then watching the sunset over Lake Kivu!!!

Hanging out at the orphanage,
and covering cute babies in kisses and prayer.

Loosing power a few times a day. 

Having a donut and breakfast burrito for breakfast in Kigali.

Finding a recipe book in Kigali of recipes and cooking in Rwanda.
And nearly squealing in joy about said cookbook. 

Still enjoying the goodies from the packages I got a few weeks back. 

Having long raw and real conversations at night. 

Long phone calls home to friends. (Lee, you are missed SO MUCH!)

Getting tired of every cut, scratch, hangnail, and burn, becoming 
a battle of me vs infection. 

LOVING my mosquito net, because I have not woken up
covered in bites. And it feels like climbing into my own tent.

Getting encouraging email from home, and crying. 

Being ridiculously, amazingly, and overwhelmingly BLESSED
beyond what words could begin to express.  

As always...

Lots of love from Rwanda, 


  1. :) Love this! So proud of you - and so happy for you too!! Praying for you, as always - Randi

    1. Thanks Randi. :) I covet your prayers and appreciate you so much.