Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scaredy cat....

Want to know something? I just might be the most scared and anxious person you ever meet.

I am no stranger to trembling hands, knocking knee’s, and a heart rate that increases 100 beats a minute in a matter of a few seconds.

I at one point in my life, let this pretty much rule my life.

But one thing I learned, well a few things really.
  •        Nothing on earth lasts forever, this includes our emotions. Anxiety has to end. You cannot stay anxious or scared forever. It HAS TO pass. Just like every other emotion. 

  •         Emotions lie…. A LOT.

  •        It is alright to be scared. But it is NOT OK, to let it stop me from doing what needs to be done. Or from doing what is right.

In case you are wondering. I do A LOT of things scared.

Your actions determine your emotions. But sometimes my emotions are a little slow moving. But they always eventually catch up. My emotions always catch up to my obedience.

I think God is alright with that.

And even if I am probably one of the most scared people in the universe.

I would rather live with temporary fear, than regret. I would rather say I did it scared, than never did it at all.

I never want to let fear stop me from taking a step of faith. Even if that step is done trembling.

Being the obsessive planner, over thinking, deep feeling person I am. Sometimes I have to stop and laugh, that me of all people is living in Africa. It must be God, because me? Me? I am a mess for real. 

Thankfully God uses messy people. 

The moment I think I got it all figured out, and that I know what I am doing.  The moment I think I can do it all myself. That is the moment when God cannot use me. 

But scared, God can use me scared. 

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  1. YES! So true. When we do it scared...then God can use us, and oh my, let the adventure begin :)