Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moses and a puppy.

I seriously tried to come up with some kind
of witty title.
A title that would capture you, and
draw you in to my blog.
Yeah, I totally failed.

Look who is sitting all on their own now!!!
I am ridiculously proud of him. 

And introducing the newest member of our home. 

We haven't come up with a name for him yet. 
I have been thinking of naming him...
Ushira ubwoba. (Which means brave in Kinyarwanda!)
Or Amos. 
But really the dog has no name, yet. 

And I may have to actually admit I am officially out of Jiffy peanut butter. 

BUT, round two of mail day is TOMORROW!
I know because packages where on there way to Gisenyi. 
So by tomorrow afternoon, I should be able to go get mine. 
Although I am pretty sure there is no Jiffy in any of em. 

Hmmm... Maybe I should name the dog Jiffy......


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