Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mail Day!!!

So after much anticipation of a package coming from my brother John, 
I got a call from the man at the post office today, that there was THREE 
packages awaiting me at the post office. 
I had just gotten home from Gisenyi, but I called Jerome to come back, 
because I could not wait. He said he would be here in 10 minutes, 
and it felt like the longest ten minutes EVER!! 
Diane came home, because we needed to get some stuff
for lunch, since we have like no food in the house and it was
downpouring yesterday. So I told her to hop on a moto too, 
and we would stop at Habibs on the way there too. 
As we where riding on the way there, I was thinking where do I go first. 
If I get the packages first, I will be anxious to get home and open them, 
and if we go to the store first I will run through the store like a crazy lady. 
When we got to the Y in the road, one way to the store, the other way
to the post office, Jerome turned toward the store. 
Thanks for making the choice for me Jerome. 

Three packages of goodness!!

I let Amelie open this one because I knew there was
cake and frosting in the box. LOVED her reaction. 

As we opened my brothers package, with every item
Amelie and Diane said "Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Sheryl!!" 
Do you see all that mac n cheese!!!
And since I am pretty bad at making a fire to cook, 
this is how I made some ramen noodles a few days back. 

Yeah, I either need to buy a stove/oven
or learn to build a fire better. 
Or, just write a book called "Coffee Pot Cooking" 
and sell it for my next fund raiser....
To buy a stove/oven.

Mac and cheese, 
STARBUCKS via coffee, iced and Hot. 
Truvia, Crystal light, protein bars, 
PRETZEL M&M's!! So much goodness in here!!!
And silly me when I packed to come, I packed 3 conditioners and 1 shampoo.
So glad that is evened out now!! :)

Always helpful. . . 
Especially me being the most accident prone 
person in the world!

Oh, lets face it, God has been thanked so much
for the contents of this shelf!!
Many a birthdays will be celebrated (some for the first time!)
(The funny thing is, I personally do not like cake! More
for the lovelies here!)

My neighbors where pretty happy too, 
and enjoyed some delicious candy. 
Thank you John and Sheryl from my neighbor kids!
(Oh, look at Nono's hair!!!)

My big brother John and his lovely wife Sheryl. 
Crystal Decker, and Michelle Myhro!
So much goodness, we are more excited
than a kid on Christmas morning!!! <3

Lots of love from Rwanda, 

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