Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Birthday burger?!!

It is September!! Which means it is my Birthday month, 
and I can finally begin to hatch a plan I have been thinking about
for awhile. And I am so stinkin excited!! 

Here in Rwanda, meat is a rarity. Seriously.
In the orphanage the kids actually get meat once a year. 
Tonight for the first time in the two weeks I have been here, 
I pushed around the pasta, potatoes, and rice on my plate, 
and despite being hungry, just could not bring myself to 
eat it all. Carbs, carbs, carbs. A few times, I will send 
one of the girls out to go buy a LIVE chicken, so one
of them can slaughter it for dinner. 

So this year for my birthday I would LOVE
to honor the girls in the house, and the girls in No. 41
and treat them all out to a hamburger, fries, and a soda. 
There are 32 girls in No. 41 and it will cost 
$15 a girl for transportation there and back, and their meal. 
There is a hotel not far, that has a restaurant, 
where you can get a great hamburger with the works!
And to them it is a HUGE treat. 

So, I am asking my friends this year for my birthday, 
if you could donate for one of the 32 girls to go out for dinner. 
You can click that picture to the right that says "One time donation" 
I will need to have gotten them all "funded" by the 24th. 

Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. 
I just realized I will be 32, and we will be taking
32 girls out for burgers. 
I just got way too excited about that.
Yikes, I will be 32....
Ok, focus... 

Cannot wait to honor these lovelies. 

Lots of love from Rwanda, 

You guys totally rock! As of this morning we are $30 over
to take all the No.41 girls our for burgers on my birthday.
Now I am cannot wait for the 26th, not because I turn
another year older. (We can forgo that part actually!!)
but because I cannot wait to treat these lovelies, because of YOU.
Best. Birthday. Gift. EVER!

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