Wednesday, September 26, 2012

32 Africa style

So, today was my 32nd Birthday. 
And this year, I am welcoming this new year
Rwandan style, with some of my favorite people ever. 
And being that they had informed me, of a 
tradition of waking a birthday person up by 
splashing water on them in the morning. 
I was sure to make sure I locked my door last night
when I went to sleep. 
(You know something is coming, right?) 
So Diane (who we lovingly reefer to, as well as her
as Queen Diane) has taken her braids out, and it is not
uncommon for them to want to take a picture of
something. So Valentine and her came to my room 
and asked if she could get a picture. 
Valentine snapped a few pictures, and they were gone. 
(me, not realizing, they took the camera with em)
Then Amelie comes in my room a few minutes later. 
"Tina, the chickens! Come see! Come!" 
Knowing that the chickens would get me to come. 
So I go out, and she shows me how great they are eating. 
Erm, alright. Thanks Amelie for feeding the chickens, you rock!
I turn around.... and....

I am not so sure how much of this is tradition, 
but you can  be sure this WILL BE a tradition from now on. 
(No I am not crying, that comes in just a minute! But I am 
laughing half because they got me, and secondly because
well because of what it is!) 
So after Diane went and got me a towel, I got washed up 
for the day. I had already had most my shower already. :P 
And after I got back to my room, I found cards laying on my bed. 
And now cue........ tears!

Then we all headed off to Serena this afternoon, 
to have burgers, and just have some fun, relax, and laugh.
Thanks to YOU! This was the BEST Birthday gift,
to just see the girls in No. 41 laughing and just plain having fun. 

Valentine. :)

Fanny eating for two. 

Then Medi (who teaches sewing at 41), No.41, and the girls in the house, gave me some
of the most amazing handmade gifts. Which totally
caught me off guard, and I think I turned 10 shades of red. 

Rwanda is so not lacking in artistic and creative ability. 

And then the afternoon turned into lots of laughter, 
pictures, pictures, and more pictures. 
(The girls are a bit like the paparazzi, and where off to take a cazillion shots.)

Then when I got home, I had to head over to the orphanage
to kiss the cutest Rwandan baby face I know. 

To everyone who gave for me to treat the girls to burgers today. 

Yep, I think 32 is starting off as a really great year! 

Lots of love from Rwanda, 

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