Thursday, September 20, 2012

My little nest in East Africa...

We have been busy around here  
making this house more into a home day, by day. 
We bought fabric and made curtains!

Honestly curtains did not matter in the least to me. 
I had a somewhat curtain on my window, that covered half the window, 
and I was really alright with that. 
Till the night that thieves came to our house, 
and I found out they were looking in my window
while I was sleeping with flashlights. 
Sorry, future potential thieves, our windows are
getting properly covered, so you cannot peek in!

Valentine putting curtains up in my room. 

And coming to a backyard... kinda far away, 
protein with wings, feathers, and feet!

Thursday morning I woke up to seeing 
the CHICKEN COOP starting to come together, 
next to the kitchen. 

The guys have been at work. 

Do you see this?!
Seriously, I have a chicken coop!
Big enough to house 20-30 protein laying lovelies!


So here is where you come in. . . . 
We have yet to purchase the chickens 
(because we don't have the finances, yet!)
, and you can totally get a chicken and name it!!
Yep, you can name the chicken, but you cannot hold 
it against me when we slaughter the chicken. 
But I do promise not to tell you. :) 
You can name the chicken after your annoying little brother
or you darling boss. 
I will remove the link once we have reached our
protein laying lovelies potential. 
Just click the picture below, 
and give the gift of a steady source of protein. :) 


I have removed the link, as we have 21 Chickens in the coop!
Well not literally, but next week we will put them in their. 
THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has purchased a chicken. 
Seriously, I cannot tell you how much it means to me, 
and how much you mean to me! You are AWESOME! 
I will be sure to post pictures for you all to meet...
*drum roll*
Sir Clucksalot
YTBN (yet to be named)
Miss Marvel
Bobby play
and last but not least, Berty!

Cannot wait for you all to see the pictures of your
protein laying lovelies!! 
I will be offering the chance to buy a chicken again, 
probably a few weeks after I adjust to taking care
of the little feathered friends in the backyard. 
I am SO BLESSED that I have so many people
who want to get involved.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You my friend, are amazing. <3

Lots of love and dreaming of chickens and eggs,

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