Saturday, September 22, 2012

Marakozae inkoko, Amagi, and Moses

First and foremost, 
We only got 11 of the chickens today, 
and will get the other 10 on Friday. 
Once we have all the chickens next week. 
Then I will I tag you on facebook, 
so you know who is who. Though I have 
already been assigning names!

Amelie has been our resident butcher. 
She is a FANTASTIC cook! 
She was reassuring the hens.....
"I love you chickens, I will not kill you. 
Please, Tina wants a picture. I promise, I not kill you.
I loooooooooove yoooooooou inkoko." 

AND after they had settled into their new home, 
we already had some eggs!!!
I may or may not have thanked the chickens for the egg. 
These chickens will lay 2 eggs everyday. 
And I may or may not have cut up some apple 
as a welcome to our home and you rock for laying eggs present. 

And in case you needed a cute fix for the day.
Here is Moses!!!
I still try to make it priority to go snuggle this mini man
at the orphanage every day. Life can get so busy, 
and yesterday I realized how much I was missing him, 
from not seeing him for two days. 
But as soon as he see's me, and breaks out in this smile. 
Well.... I wonder why I do not drag my mattress over there
and just slumber party in the infant room at the orphanage every night. 

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