Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school and me and thieves.

I wrote this blog post last night. =P Yet today was another
adventure. I cannot tell you how many times I just laughed today
because it was another adventure!

So, today I have been kinda floating. I am not sure how often my feet hit the ground this morning and afternoon. Poor Alysse. I was SO stinking excited to take her to her boarding school it was ridiculous! Last night after dinner I said “We will go first thing in the morning.” In which everyone said “NO! It is like sin, she will be laughed. You must go afternoon.” So, as soon as lunch was over, I made this huge huge fuss over her school uniform. In which she looks ADORABLE. Then, me, her, and Bridgette took some moto bikes down to Gisenyi. I had to take a picture of cute Bridgette with a suitcase with Alysse stuff on the moto. In which, cue thieves. Can I tell you, I seriously have had ENOUGH of thieves. We get to Gisenyi and I am so excited to take a picture of Alysse. No camera.

                So, I try not to let it squash the moment, while grumbling under my breath how I could not wait to post a “first day of school” picture. I was about tired of putting a positive spin on things. But, Alysse was just loving showing me the classrooms, and her dorm rooms, introducing me to teachers “This my Mum!!!” So, I resolved not to think about it, because those silly things really can steal the moment away from you. And I decided the thief stole my camera, and he was not going to steal this moment. It is the first time in Alysse’s life, she has walked into school and up to a teacher with a grin ear to ear and been able to say “THIS, is my Mum!” No, thief you cannot steal that from us.

                Oh and I have to tell you, the motorbike ride to her school. Well, I no longer need to envy pictures of people at the fair with all these daredevil rides, or even six flags. Because the fair rides do not hold a flame to the motorbike ride to her school. A few times I said “We cannot take the moto up this kind of incline….Oh, I guess we are!!!” In case you are wondering, I rarely get scared on the moto’s, they are not reckless in the least. Except that other time the moto drove so close to that bus, I could have high fived everyone on the opposite side the bus.

                When we got back into Nyundo. The motorbike driver launched a investigation. I had to laugh a few times, because I wish I knew what this crowd was saying to one another. With flailing arms, and speaking so quickly. Bridgette knows a few words in English, so I was put to the test without Alysse to communicate with them. I decided, what have I got to loose, I will just stand here and see if they turn up my Camera. And I guess in a small African village, things are not so easy to hide. And when something new turns up, everyone knows. So, long story short. I have my camera back!!!  

                I have to head back to Alysse’s school tomorrow afternoon. And if I didn’t have to go there anyways I would find a reason to go to her school to get that first day picture anyways, and technically it was her first day of classes, so it is still her first day.  

Just to reminisce a bit, here is a picture
of Josiane, Alysse, and I, when I met them 
back in August 2011. :) 

Cute Bridgette on the moto on the way to take Alysse
to boarding school. :) 

Photo courtesy of the thief. 

Oh, does this not make you want to scream in joy. 
How STINKIN CUTE is she in her school uniform?! 
Oh, be still my heart. 

The offices at Alysse's school. 
I tell you, I was deliriously excited to take her to school!

Lots of love from Rwanda, 


  1. You crack me up!! I love this. You are awsome and I miss your awsomeness.

  2. Loved hearing this, your attitude is great! Neat first day of school experience! Glad you got your camera back! Love you Tina!