Friday, August 3, 2012

Pen to paper....

August 17th.

That’s when I get to leave for Rwanda! For real, this is it.

God has delayed me in all the most amazing ways! He has hemmed me in with love, blessing, and provision, to step into Africa in wholeness.

I have had time to dream for the lovelies in Rwanda, and myself. To dream BIG, and trust BIG.

I have felt in a way like I dipped my quill pen in ink, and the ink is wet, the pages are blank, and the next chapter is just ready to be written on. To keep writing this love story of a relentless God who pursues his loves. A God who loves extravagantly. And here I have sat, with these blank pages ahead of me, and just waiting to put the pen to paper.

August 17th, I get to put the pen down on this new chapter. This new chapter of a rescuing God, a redeeming God, a loving God, a God who provides, a God who stirs up the soul and gives God sized dreams and desires.

Two weeks and counting. Let the next chapter begin!


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  1. This kind of chapter never ends so don't put your pen down.