Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New life and restoration

Sometimes restoration looks like dental work that needs to be done, 
and no time, finances, or ability. 
And then a Godly dental practice steps in, and blesses your socks off!!!
Thank you Dr. Brunner and staff, for you sweetness and for the immense
blessing you have all been to me!!!

And if you know me, you know my obsession with butterflies. 
Like, obsessed with butterflies. 
Before you think I am some weird butterfly freak
There are some very legit reasons I just adore these insects. 

1. Hello, they start off as worms in a fur coat. 
Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things."
Psalms 16:2 "There is no good in me apart from God." 
Ok, I could go on and on for awhile here on this. But 
at the core of me, is ugly. I am a sinner (a worm if you will)
But, with the blood of Christ, Christ gives me a robe of righteousness
for my sin. It's gotta be the best exchange rate, ever. 
Rags of sin, for robes of righteousness, 
or a fur coat on a worm. 
(This was actually a joke I read online today, trying to keep the 
kids entertained in the car, about the definition of a Caterpillar being
a worm with a fur coat, but it really does fit!)

2. STRUGGLE. . . . . .
Did you know that if you help a butterfly out of the cocoon, 
it will never fly. The reason behind this is, the struggle to get out
is what strengthens its wings to fly. Without the struggle the wings
would be too weak, and it would get no where. It would become
dependent on whoever freed it, and never be what it was created to be, 
it would never do what it was made to do. Its the beauty in the struggle. 

They are gorgeous. Have you ever seen some butterflies and moths. 
They are NEW!
2 Cor 5:7 
"Therefore whoever is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come." 

Even as a worm, dressed in a fur coat, then flying from the struggle. 
Is it any wonder I ADORE these creatures. 

Yesterday we watched about 8 butterflies struggle out of their cocoons. 
(Caleb is a bit of a bug, insect, reptile fan. The other day, 
he wanted to bring a tarantula home from a hike as a pet. Thankfully
he didn't. But He did collect a bunch of worms sporting fur coats, 
we got to see become new creations!) 

Signs of new life, even before the breaking out! The cocoon turns clear, 
and you can see the vivid colors within. (It starts off green!) 

Breaking out of the old life, and emerging in its new one!

(I so had a migraine yesterday, and spent the majority of the day
in bed, so I do not look my best in this picture.) 

I love that in Rwanda, I have seen transformations as well. 
When these kids have people who believe in the hope and future
God has for them. When they belong to someone, be it a 
sponsor, or someone who has come along and REFUSES anything
less than to give them the tools to reach their potential, 
and awaken to the value of themselves. 
The kids walk with more confidence, 
the look of worry and concern is not so evident on their faces, 
they speak more certain, and laugh and smile easier. 

And thats the kind of God I serve, 
a God who cares about, every. single. detail. 
A God who knows us so well, he knows how many
hairs are on our very heads. 
A God who will send a silly American all the way
to Rwanda, to love on a bunch of orphans. 
A God who rescues, restores, and delivers. 

So, oh yeah........

NINE DAYS till I head to Rwanda. 

In Christ, 


  1. I am so with ya - from butterflies to 9. Awesome!

  2. Miss you! I want to give you a hug soooo bad! Love this! Living pictures of our relationship with Christ.