Saturday, July 7, 2012

The whip cream on the pie.

Matthew 6:33 
"Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all
these things shall be added unto you." 

I was reading Matthew 6 a couple weeks back. 
And to be honest, I have been reading it every single morning since. 

Because I realized, all of it, is added on. 
My job is not to love and defend the fatherless. 
That passion, is simply a byproduct of my relationship with God. 
Your pastor's job, is not ministry, its just a byproduct. 

All of it, its added on. 

Seeking his kingdom, is the white rope. Its the eternal. 
When you start striving for the eternal. When you start
desiring His Kingdom. Then all of sudden things are backwards rightwards. 
The last is first. Loose your life to find it. Preserve your life and loose it. 
See others as above yourself. 
To some it looks like foolishness. 
To God, it is beautiful. 

Seeking His Righteousness. 
To glorify Him in all I do. To magnify Him. 
To Lift him up higher. 
Because He is only worthy of honor and praise. 

I wanna live for the forever. 
I wanna live for more souls in heaven. 
I wanna live for others to know what it is like to have 
a relationship with the God who spoke all creation into being, 
and whispers and beckons our names. 
I wanna live for people to experience the hands that hung
the stars, are the hands that lifts their chin. 
I want to love. I want to love big. 
I want to crazy love. 

But even those desires. Just added unto me. 
Because my job, is just to seek hard after Christ. 
And everything, I mean everything, else. 
Well its just whip cream on the apple pie. 
(I would say icing on the cake, but I don't like icing. 
So please do not add that unto me.) 

In Christ, 

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