Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surprised by joy

Perhaps we are wrong! Perhaps, when we think we need more. Want more, we are wrong. I think we all pretty much "know" that is not real joy. We all say those phrases. We all remind ourselves when we see that "thing" we really want and cannot have "Things don't make you happy."

This week I have been hard at work at clearing out my apartment. I have found treasures that I probably couldn't give away if I tried, but are so dear to me. Hidden away in a box, or in the corner of a closet, I had forgotten about. Poured over old journals, and remembered how faithful the Lord has been! I have stacked boxes upon boxes in my little storage area in my apartment, to take to a yardsale to help with finances for this move. And tonight my friend Jessica Drake came over (Remind me to tell you how awesome she is! Always so eager to get her hands into whatever God is doing. Be it in India, Africa, being a voice for the unborn, this girl wants in! She is amazing!) And we packed the back of her truck with a bunch of stuff.

And as I watched a truck full of my "things" pulled away. I was GRINNING. Yep, ear to ear GRIN. My things are not as dear to me as I always thought they were. And I sure didn't think when I watched a truck pull away carrying so much of my stuff, that I would be standing there with a big cheesy grin on my face. I LOVE how opposite God is! The last is first. He will raise up the humble. He will make humble the proud. Give away your life to find. Try to preserve your life and loose it. Die to self to live. So, why would it hit me as a big surprise that as all this "stuff" pulled away, I would be so happy?!

And that was just round 1 of filling it up.

Proverbs 28:27a "He who gives to the poor will lack nothing."

When I first read that, my first initial thought is "stuff". I will not be lacking in more "stuff" It sure is easy to accumulate more "stuff", I am sure I could in a hot second.

But, I am pretty sure God is more concerned with my Holiness than my comfort level. So perhaps, I was wrong in how I have read that verse in the past. Perhaps what I wont be lacking in, is joy. Like a big cheesy grin when a truck full of my stuff pulls away. And that joy in Christ, well, you cannot put a price tag on that!


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