Monday, May 28, 2012

Meet my sponsor daughters.... Part 2


Oh, my sweet sweet Josiane!!! When we went to Noel Orphanage back in August, Josiane's hand slipped into mine immediately. She is not good at English. We did not have much way of communicating. But love has no official language. Everytime I looked at her, she just looked at me with this contended smile. She would put her face in my arm, and just smile. We went to tour the orphanage, and Josiane was with me. Always waiting for me outside whatever place we happened to have gone into. As I walked to tour the orphanage, she sang some songs in Kinyarwanda. I would attempt to sing with her. She asked me if I danced, and I laughed. I tried explain I can, but I am not that good at dancing. (or singing! But she didn't seem to notice.) But she attempted to teach me anyways!

Attempting to teach me traditional Rwandan dance in August 2011.

Normal Josiane! Just happy to be along, and a part. This is when
we were in the guest house kitchen at Noel Orphanage, getting
ready to bake birthday cakes. One of my favorite memories
is baking bday cakes with my girls.

Baking cake's!

Enjoying a Fanta at Valentine's bday party.

New dress that was in her new backpack with school supplies. :)

Just hanging out with her sponsor Mum.

I cannot tell you how much I love this girl. She slipped her hand into mine the moment my feet hit the hard red ground onto the orphanage grounds. Ever since when I am near, she is always close. She is so much fun! She is not pushy, or demanding in the least. She is just happy to be with you. She has a very sweet demeaner, and is as sweet as apple pie. My favorite memories of her, is her just saying "Mum?" "Yes?" "I love you!" and curling in a bit closer. I am ever comitted to this sweet girl. <3 I just found out today, that she may be facing some uncertainty soon. Please pray for Josiane. When Alysse told her I will arrive soon, she said "Josiane cried a lot of happy." Cannot wait to see you again soon sweet girl!! We will cry all kinds of happy together!


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