Tuesday, May 17, 2011

fresh new pages ahead!

Chapters open, chapter close.
I have been in a extremely reflective, anxious (as in excited anxious, not worried anxious), expectent, grevious, and hopefully mood lately. Yep, that is a whole lot in one!! I stand at the beginning of a new road. Or, as my heart has been seeing it, a new chapter. And right now, I have yet to take those first steps, a few things, are still being finished in the old chapters. A few periods, exclaimation marks, dotting a few i's, and crossing a few t's. But, I look forward, and see these fresh, blank pages, with so much potential! And I am torn a bit. Torn between the security and predictability of the past, and the excitement and possibility of the future.

So, God keeps asking me. . . . . . . .

"What will you write in this new chapter? What will you fill these pages with?"

And my prayer, is wherever God ends up leading me, taking me. Wherever he calls me, that I write the story of his saving grace, transforming power, and incredible freedom all over it. That the story I would write on these new chapters, would be of Him in me and through me. That it would reflect His heart.

Pastor Tom, preached his farewell sermon the other day. He talked about fruit. Those things we do, because of Christ in us, that has eternal value. That God can take that and say "this is good. This has eternal value." And that is what I want in this next chapter. This next season. As with the changing of the actual seasons, you can smell the change of the air. I can smell the change of the season of my life. I can smell the fresh blank pages.

And God continues to prompt me....

"Beloved daughter, will you write of me? Will you write our love story? Will you write my love for all you meet? Will you tell them? Tell them how I long for them? How I created them, to have relationship with them, tell them how there beautiful, and I, the God the whole universe desires them? The next chapter is blank, beloved. What are you going to write? You have the choice to yeild your will to mine, and allow me to interupt in a big way! Will you yeild?"

Yes, Lord. I yeild. And can not wait for the next chapter of our love story. For your love is great, powerful, and true. And I am captivated by you. As you created me to be. You fulfill me. I yeild Lord. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.