Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas 2018

Hey!! I think I fell off the blogging wagon. Yikes!! So much has been happening on this side of the world, and 2019 is roaring right around the corner. So much to come! 2019 already is gearing up to bring some big growing pains, growth spurts, and clinging like crazy to Jesus.

But in the meantime, this is how 2018 has been going out around here......

First we did our family Christmas present, of going for the night in Kigali, going out swimming, KoKo kids club, the water park, and gelato!! It was a huge hit and memories of a lifetime were made for sure.

A WATER PARK?! So exciting! 

Christmas fun in Kigali

Goat on a stick? Check. Tunes? Check. 

Potatoes? Check! 

KoKo kids club!!

KoKo Kids club 

Oh my heart! 

KoKo kids club. 

KoKo kids club. 

Gelato, round 1! 

Could my family BE any cuter? 

Look at those muscles!! 

Oh this turtle has gone everywhere. 

These pictures make me laugh every time!

Gelato round 2! :P 

Then we delivered Christmas baskets to the elderly. 

We also had a fellowship lunch (Christmas dinner) and from donations we were able to give all the families mattresses, and they all got a Christmas basket as well. 

Birthday cupcakes for Jesus bday. :) 

Then of course Christmas at home. 

Snuck away for some introvert time with the grand daughter. <3 

Uwera has wanted my recipes for awhile. So I wrote them all in a book for her. 
Her reaction to this gift, was my best gift this Christmas. <3 

One of my best gifts ever. My husband. <3 

There is always dancing! 

Full, full house. 

Corrine and Myla, BFF's. 

Best santa. 

Such good friends. <3 

Fa-la-la-la- llama 

Monopoly is always EPIC.