Friday, May 22, 2015

Breaking the blogger silence.

Some men sawing up in the mountains.
Rebecca met her biological grandmother on mother's day. 
Rebecca's bio mother passed away when she was a pre-schooler. 
So getting a chance to meet and visit with her mother's mother, 
was such a sweet treat! We both soaked in the time together. 

 As most of you know, I have come under Commission To Every Nation. 
They are a amazing missions org. Recently we had our pastoral 
care couple come to visit. It was a sweet time of fellowship, encouragement, 
prayer, dreaming, and we got spoiled! What a wonderful couple we just adore, 
and cannot wait till they make their rounds back out our way again!

I just love this picture of Rebecca gazing out the window in the
mountains and the light reflecting off her face. 

Arthur is a sweet little munchkin that hangs out with his mama
at our house. I love that he gets so excited and smiley when he hears my 
voice. Handsome boy! (All clothes are gender neutral here!)

My little man, isn't so little anymore! 
Can someone please make the growth spurt stop?! 
At Imbabazi for just a relaxing day with the pastoral care couple. 

My handsome little man, in his suit that a sweet friend gave me for him. 

Another village trip up into the mountains. 
Our dear Tasia is from this village, and we regularly head up there. 
I have just fallen in love with these kids. 
I leave a little more of my heart in the mountain villages, 
with each and every trip! 
In Christ, 


Thursday, March 19, 2015

New seasons

As ministry here has been changing, things are changing. Two weekends ago I went into Kigali to be with the Voice For Rwanda founders. I packed the kids up and brought them with me, as Moses had a little friend to play with, and Rebecca is glued to their daughter the same age as her, Laurette. Eric came over early on Saturday, and laughed and said "I am going to have you climb a mountain today." I laughed it off, thinking he was joking with me. (I guess climbing steep dirt hill paths, is NOT something Eric jokes about!) And I headed out with Moses and Eric, to go visit the families in their HELP program. 

The HELP program is unique, as they minister to the entire family. They provide spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational support to the family. This comes in the form, of helping with school expenses, for the children. Providing health insurance for the entire family. Mentoring and disciplining, esp the children in after school and school break programs, as well as visiting the families, listening to their situations, counseling them, and also praying with them.

I got a chance to visit 5 of the families in their HELP program there in Kigali. From boys in University, that have been in the program for years. To meeting with a family with 6 children. I got the whole spectrum! And got to see what it looks like, to minister to the entire family. 

After praying and discussing with them. This is something I want to persue in my area! So then the next weekend the co-founder, and the in country director came out here. We introduced our idea's to the local government in my area, introduced ourselves, and basically knocked on the door, to see if it would open in this area. 

Today was another meeting, and we are waiting on the final paperwork which will allow me to start the program in this area. But we have been met with enthusiam, and doors swinging wide open!!! 

I am so excited for this new season! I have already been so blessed with both A Voice For Rwanda, and Commission To Every Nation. CTEN offers such emotional and spiritual support of their missionaries on the ground. And again, I cannot wait for the pastoral care couple to be visiting in May! Doors are swinging wide open, to be involved in other aspects of ministry here on the ground. And I am itching to get things moving. I could not ask for a better support system, with my home church, the partnering organizations, and all my dear friends. 

Walking into a new season of ministry, 

We were both pretty tired from walking in the afternoon sun.
One of the families I just loved getting to know, pray with, and minister too.

Before we both got exhausted climbing up the hill.
Moses let the in country director carry him the last leg of the walk back to the office.
One of the dads in the program.
Please be praying as we continue to work for me to establish this program here in my area.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some changes have been happening behind the scenes!

With the closing of the orphanage gates, so closes a chapter here in Rwanda. As most of you know, Noel orphanage was home to over 600 children, who captured my heart. Some of those kids, are the ones I still tuck in at night, kiss their booboos, fix their hair, get them ready for school, pray with at night, rejoice with at every milestone and triumph, and hold when the tears come. As the orphanage gates closed, new doors have been opening. With a heavy heart as that season has ended, I am excited to share with you the new doors and opportunities that have begun!

I am now partnering with a new organization called Commission To Every Nation, CTEN. CTEN “helps ordinary people partner with God to accomplish the extraordinary” It is a 501c3 non-profit organization that will provide me with pastoral care, accountability, will receive and process my funds, send donor receipts for financial sponsorship, and help in printing and sending my newsletters. They partner with over 500 missionaries worldwide.

I am continuing to serve in Rwanda with a ministry called A Voice For Rwanda as group home coordinator. Orphan prevention is deep in my heart. I am prayerfully and excitedly hoping to partner with local hospitals, to start a sponsorship program to families who have lost their mother for one reason or another, to provide formula for their infants first year of life. I will also minister to the families in a tangible way, sharing the gospel with them, as I partner with the family to ensure the health and survival of the infant.

What does this all mean?
I am being sent by you spiritually and financially, partnering with Commission to Every Nation, and serving with A Voice For Rwanda

That is a whole lot to say, there has been a few changes going on. You may have noticed the donate button on the right hand side has changed. If you would like to learn more about CTEN, or partner with my ministry here in Rwanda, go ahead and click it. 

I haven't forgotten about my blog, but so many things have been changing, mostly I have not even known where to begin lately. So I figured posting about the changes would be a good place to start! 

 If you would like to join my mailing list for my newsletters, go ahead and shoot me a email, with your home postal address! (Who doesn't want mail that isn't a bill?!) 

In Christ, 

First time thieves attempted to break in, in this house.

So Rebecca got a ferocious guard dog. Cute puppy.

Some visitors Moses protests them to leave.
Getting some school prep done in town.
Moses started Pre-K at home with mom.
Tagging along with mommy.

One of our favorite visitors, Safiwae.
Our new pup Tumukundae (her name- we will love her)

Just a couple papers for immigration.