Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sign here......

The best things I ever heard in my life......

The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that brought me into relationship with my Lord and Savior. 

My husband saying I Do at the alter, and also making a commitment to the kids to be their father. 

And........ "Sign here to finalize the adoptions." 

It has been a whirlwind. Many prayers sitting outside the courthouse. Listening to trails waiting for them to call us, and that pit in my stomach, and feeling like I could get sick from the nerves of it all. To holding a sleeping child in my lap, and another one next to me, as the judge heard each case, and I thought that moment would determine so much. It was a whole lot of "wait" and "get these two more papers." 

Then to come back and the court was closed, and come back another day, which so many trips to the court, now I wasn't so concerned. The pit in my stomach was gone. Till Thierry walked out with two papers and said "Well, they have made a decision. He told me to come read it to you." He could NOT read and translate fast enough. That was it. The court approved the adoptions of Moses and Rebecca. No more papers to get. Finalized. In black and white. 

I was so happy, I could hardly hold the pen right, as the tears where welling up in my eyes. 

So we did what anyone would do, we went out to dinner to celebrate!!

God has been blessing us left and right, and we are so humbled and grateful for all the love, support, and prayers from so many. The financial blessings, that made this possible when things started to roll so quickly. We know there is no way, we could do any of this on our own, and we feel so humbled that we have been so blessed. 

Our next plan of action is to complete my Rwandan citizenship which will ensure my dual citizenship. Our to-do list sometimes feels a bit daunting. Thankfully the Lord is the one in control and not us. 

I really need to sit down and do a longer and better update, as so much has been happening! From the elderly program growing, Corrine growing, program bursting with so much progress and grace. I do send out a monthly newsletter right to your mailbox, if you are interested, shoot me an email and I would be happy to put you on the  mailing list. :) 

In Christ, by Christ, for Christ, and to Christ, 
Thierry, Tina, Rebecca, and Moses

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Its been awhile.....Currently.

Whenever I sit down, I have so much I feel I want to say, so much I probably shouldn't say, and so much I want to just throw on the table. But, then I end up writing nothing. So I decided to do a currently, which I haven't done in ages. So here goes. . . . 


Sleeping...... meh. Haha, working on the sleep thing per usual. But enough sleep that I am not a crabby emotional mess. (If you know me, you know if I am sleep deprived long enough, anything can send me into bursts of tears. But it takes long periods of barely any sleep.) 

Reading.... Unseen. Which was timely because I am taking a facebook break, so I picked it up trying not to watch movies at night, and trying to stay away from social media. Its good people. So good! 

Eating..... AIP baby! I started the Autoimmune protocol diet a few days ago (five days ago, if were being specific) It is suppose to help with autoimmune diseases like M.S. So far its been a lot of organic chicken, cows heart was a new adventure, and goat. (lots of organic grass fed goat) I started making Fermented carrots and cabbage today. But thankfully I love things like cabbage and sweet potatoes and such. Really the only thing I am missing is tomatoes, and potatoes. Darn you nightshade veggies.   

Feeling..... Torn. I am not sure I will ever really adjust to this two worlds thing. Someone the other day couldn't understand why I felt close to someone who had come here to visit for like a week or so. Most of the people I am rooted alongeside in my upbringing in culture. They dont know me in the contexts which I often describe myself. Wife, mom, missionary. So its really hard sometimes. I almost dread a bit my trip coming up to the states, because it stirs up so much in me. It rekindles the relationships, only to tear them a bit at the seams again. We are a tattered patchwork quilt I tell ya. 

Anticipating..... Court. We have a court date to finalize the adoptions quickly approaching. I mean, let that stinking sink in right there. GAH! 

Listening to........ Rain and silence. Moses and Rebecca are now in school full time, which has left the house oddly quiet during the day. But with rain season pouring down on us, its been the tune to which I do most my work. So loud on the roofs, drumming so loud, I need earplugs in my phone in order to hear my music when working. 

Watching.... This Is Us. KILLING ME! Oh my gosh this show is too much. When Jack dies, I may possibly need some mental health days off, and seek a therapist to debrief with. This is crazy! 

Drinking.... Brace yourselves for those who know me. I have cut down to ONE cup of coffee a day, and water the rest. I KNOW! The MS has been kicking my butt lately people. I had my first MS hug the other day, oh no. I have heard people in support groups for MS talk about it, but it was the first time I experienced it. The pain of my nerves, my legs, my arms, the heaviness of my legs, the tingling, the not able to grip things properly, the MS hug. No, no, no. I will do whatever it takes right now to try to relieve symptoms, which means this girl is being a good girl, and sticking to her AIP and trying to heal my body from the inside out. 

Other than that, we are counting down the days to our trip to the states. I am trying not to think about court quickly approaching. Program takes up much of our time, and I have been LOVING the bible studies lately. We have really been digging into them lately and I just love it. The moms keep making baskets, which right now we are buying from them out of pocket. Which oh my goodness, please buy a basket when we come to the states, haha. I am filling a room of baskets right now. Things are going slow but sure with the elderly program. And thankfully there has been no major crisis in program lately that demands too much of us. 

Putting a new roof on Umusaza's house. (elderly disabled man) 
Program days, home visits. 
Took our old mattress to give to one of the families in the elderly comfort care program. 
Yay Mattress!! :) 
First day of school! 5th grade and 1st grade. *sniff* 
Growing up strong. 
You totally want a basket this summer, dont ya?! 
AIP life haha. Sweet potatoes, cabbage, carrots, avocado, and roasted cow heart with mushrooms. YUM! Actually its not so bad to be honest with you. Just missing the hot sauce, potatoes, and tomatoes the most. :) 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Going out with a bang!

Looking back at 2017..... but also just looking back at the last couple of weeks, so much has happened. So many amazing and unexpected things. So many things I am so fully and utterly completely awed and amazed. Thankful. Grateful. Full of so much emotion.

First Thierry applied previously for his US tourist visa and was denied. It was hard for me to buckle in and go for it again, mainly because of the NON REFUNDABLE application fee. $160 seems like one expensive "no". But it had been nearly a year, so we decided to go for it again, and try once more. There was about 75 people there applying, and they all go in. I couldn't go in, and was sitting outside with 3 other girls, waiting for someone going in to try. We told stories, we talked about who and what visa who was inside was going for. I held my breath but I was afraid to hope too much, scared to get too excited. Though I felt like it should be a slam dunk but I also thought that last time, and they turned him away without as so much as looking at one of our papers. As we sat at the picnic table, and watched the people leave one by one. We laughed and said "He got it" as a man skipped out and hailed down a motto, with a grin. Others just walked straight, no eye contact, with a scowl. "Denied" we would say. Some would stop and chat waiting for their ride, or the rain to clear that kept passing in bits. It seemed more were denied. Who knows, but I am glad I dont have to be the one to decide.

Two hours I had been waiting outside the embassy when a lady came out, came to wait for the light rain to pass, and we all were chatting, as she stood defiantly, feet firmly planted "They said I was manipulative!" with a laugh, peppered with frustration. Then she looked at me and said "Your husband was next." I jumped up and stared at the door. He will be the next to walk out with a smile, or a scowl. I prayed, I prayed hard, and I willed no one to talk to me. As if this prayer in my heart of hearts was going to make or break this, and I needed to put all my heart into this plea. He walked out, looked at me, started walking toward me, and I got my mental prep ready to say "We can try again next year." when he goes "Got it!" I had to turn away, as the emotion welled up in me, as the tears welled up in my eyes. I kissed him, and we hugged, and I couldnt stop smiling, then walking away to gather my emotion as those there still outside stopped to watch and say "She is making me cry." as I kept saying "You get to meet my friends, my church, my culture!" Before we left I said, let me snap a picture real quick..........

Things have gone unexpected, and not as I have planned either. As we went to update papers on the kids the other day, we thought we were changing foster to guardianship papers. We got everything in order, and all the people who needed to go there. Which is no easy feat at all. We got the local village governement people to fill out this paper and that, this person to sign this, run to make copies, notaries, etc. When the lady at the government pulled me and Thierry aside and said. "Based on the changes, you are NOT eligible for guardanship." 

Wait.... what? 

"We can read the requirements of adoption and get started on that if you want?" 


So we did, and since we have been aiming for this for so long, everything just sort of fell into place. "You need to get....." "Got it." You need......" "Got it" "You will have to get......." "We actually have that too." Before we knew it, we had ALL the papers we need filled out, signed, notarized. All we had left was that we will go to court in January to have a judge sign it, and the adoptions are complete.


Just like that, it all came together in a moment. In an instant.

We submitted our renewal papers for Hope For Tomorrow. 

I think we are building our lawyer a new house, or buying him a new car with all the work we have given him recently. 

We submitted my citizenship papers, for dual citizenship. 

We plan after the adoption at some point to work on immigration for Thierry and the kids, so they can obtain dual citizenship as well. (Far, faaaar, into the future. And the point being DUAL, as Rwanda will always be a HUGE part of our lives. We will never stay away too long. It is home, it is my husband and childrens heritage, culture, mother land. It is where we have began our ministry. But to be able for all of us to come and go for the rest of our life as we need or can, oh, what a gift! WHAT A GIFT!) 

We still want to build as we continue to growwwwwww like CRAZY. 

Life never really ceases to slow down, and we are so cramped, and so happy. God surely has made a way, in so many ways!! 

We expanded to the elderly in our community and have been able to minister to them. Bring Christmas gifts, and share with them the greatest gift, the gift of salvation, the gift of Jesus Christ, our Savior. 


It is growing slowly, but perfectly as we try to figure this out, and what the needs are, and how we can help meet those needs. From socialization, to clean water, to help washing, to fire wood for cooking, to food to cook, etc. But we are loving as this program expands and are SO proud of Uwera, as this is her passion and that is why we began it. She is doing amazing, and many elderly are being reached because she is reaching out. 

So as 2017 goes out with a bang, and so many ways the Lord just lavished us in blessing, and provision. We look ahead to 2018, and how he has already gone before us, as we prepare for court, and we also prepare to come to the states for a visit. 

Here is to an amazing year. 

To the times were things seem like they wont budge....

to it all happening in a few weeks, all at the same time....

To the favor of the Lord, and his gracious provision. . . . 

To the manna for the day, like seriously just for the day.

To the times you go to bed praying the provision and not knowing how, to being overflowed with it, and in awe of it. 

To the times I was overwhelmed and felt like I couldn't breath and my chest hurt. 

To the silent prayers and plea's. . . .

To the surrender that happens, and the freedom and grace in the surrender.....

To the nightmares that wake me up, and the arms of my husband to curl into, and him praying over me. . . . .

To the kids passing another year and just crushing it in school. . . . 

To the things I couldn't figure out, and let go this year.....

To the things I layed at the cross this year......

To the anxiety, depression, and his ever present grace....

To new mercies everyday.......

To new manna and provision every day.. . . . 

Here is to another year, that God has provided ALL we needed. 

ALL we need. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially..........

Here is to 2018......

He goes before us! <3 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Big God, big dreams.

Anytime I talk about this, I get butterflies the size of Ghana in my stomach. I get excited. I feel my stomach drop. I feel my breath get caught. I look at this and it seems like a mountain. It seems impossible. Its like dipping my feet into the red sea, and looking up and holding my breath. It is SO beyond me. So over me. Much more than I can even begin.

But hasn't this always been? When I had this desire to go that I just couldn't shake. Me? HOW?! It seemed impossible. Too big. 

So here I stand feeling like that little boy with his fish and laofs of bread, looking at something so big, and his small resource, and going.... "No way, there is just no way!" but choosing to step in obedience, knowing its not for me, or to me. Knowing its beyond me. Knowing He will do as He see's fit, and how He see's fit. I just need to hand him the fish and loafs when he asks me for it. So here it is. 

I decided when I was going to put this out there, thats exactly what I was going to do, just put it all out there. So I am going to give all to you, take what you want, leave what you want. 

Our hearts desire is to build an office for long term sustainability for Hope For Tomorrow. As we continue to grow and cramp into a tiny rented house we use as an office. We want something that will continue to be here in 50, 100 years. Someplace that if the Lord calls us away, remains. We also desire to build a guest house/home, that we are able to be self sustaining, and those who come alongside us, and come after us, have a place to minister. 

That's it. Thats the plan! 

It might take a few months, it might take a few years. I have no idea! I really am just going "Here's the dream, here is the fish and loafs, I have no way, this is so beyond me. But here ya go!" But I also know that the Lord has all the resources where I do not. I also know that his economy is incredible and he can multiple what he desires to multiply. 

So I am going to hit you with all the information. So before I loose half of you, or the majority of you when it comes to floor plans and a complete breakdown of the finances needed. If you would like to donate  anything at all. Know the Lord can multiple it. If you can pray for this, that would be HUGE. Because nothing, none of this, is dependent on me. Of you. If God says it, it is. He speaks be healed, and bam, your running down the road with your mat. He speaks and there is light, there is water, there is life. Prayer. Is. Huge. 

And if your going, what the world is Hope For Tomorrow? This, is Hope For Tomorrow. 

  • We currently rent our home for $500 a month, and our office is a little over $100 a month. In the five years we have lived in our home, we have paid over $30,000 in rent. In our time doing HFT we have paid $2,040. 
  • To build an office with two classrooms, playroom, Large meeting room, stock room, store (participation bucks we do, if you want to know more ask), our personal office, and reception, will cost us $41,154 to build! 
  • To build a 9 bedroom, 4 bathroom, guest house/home (on the right side will be the guest house, that we will use to generate income, and also house short, mid, and long term missionaries or volunteers partnering with us) and on the left side is our home (which visitors will not be allowed into) with our own living room, as our kids have a place to play, chill, or family movies, etc together without having to share family time with others. To build that will cost us 55,567
Huge right? 

My amazing talented husband has prayerfully worked hard on doing all the plans for the guest house/home and office himself. This will be build on our land, which is about 2 miles from where we currently live. (Yes these are pics from my phone of the screen, because I have no idea how to post a PDF as a pic on here) 

Office for HFT

5 bedrooms on the right as guest house, four bedrooms on left side for
our family. 

If you would like a complete breakdown of all the prices, feel free to email me at From bricks, to toliet's, paint. To windows, doors, and labor. 

I look at all this and my stomach dips down to my toes, and I get excited. I look at this and look at my fish and loafs and get overwhelmed. This is so beyond me. This is too big. I am nervous and excited to see what the Lord is going to do with this. How He is going to work it. 

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can here

Please share this post and help get the word out! I am happy to answer any questions any of you might have, feel free to email me 

And if you would please pray, He is the God of the impossible. 

Dreaming big in Christ, 
Thierry and Tina Ngizwenayo 

Saturday, September 9, 2017


So much has happened in the last few weeks, I just decided I would throw a bunch of pictures on here to show ya what's been going on around here.

In NO particular order, whatsoever. (I just downloaded them all on, and whatever order they popped up, that's what it is!)

Tiring out Corrine.
Pick up's from the office every Friday!

Rain Season HAS ARRIVED.

Not sure who tickles me when cooking breakfast, they both
say its the other.

The third and last season started for school. Mo and Daddy
go to get their hair buzzed together. I found this pic on Thierry's
phone and it cracked me up, the look on his face.

Some dear friends who visited, brought Thierry a
guitar. So he has been loving learning to play it.

Our dear friends Kassie and Ben, who are incredibly
talented musicians came. And we got to spend a few
days with them. Always a blast!

We blew up 100 balloons for Thierry's birthday.

And I am pretty sure he thought we tried to drown him, when we
stuck him on a paddle board in the rain in the lake to celebrate
his big day!

We found some new short cuts to get to some home visits.

We had dinner with friends, well lots of meals with
friends who flew over the Ocean to come visit.

We visited the moms in vocational school, and
Ubumwe for the disabled. We have three moms,
with disability, who have an amazing chance in Gisenyi
at Jessie's place, and Ubumwe.

We were crazy blessed by a friend with two nights away
in Akagera national park. We had one amazing day, reading,
praying, connecting, napping, and listening to the monkeys
run across the roof of the tent. Hippo's in the lake by our tent.
And just some time away as husband and wife, with no kids.

We rejoined the world, the next day to go on safari with two
amazing visitors.

We got to see sponsors meet the moms, babies, and families
they have been praying for and partnering with for over a year!

Solange got some awesome jobs, from her vocational training
from Hope For Tomorrow, and a sewing machine. We love
seeing her reach her dreams!

We had some trainings at the Hope For Tomorrow office, from
visitors. Nurse GiGi was able to teach the moms about
infant care, child development, and many other things.

Program lunch is always a big day!

We got a pic with some of the moms and babies and kids.
Though we are missing 4 moms, 6 babies, and quiet a few kids.
And since this picture we have added three new babies/families to the
program! We are outgrowing our office quick!

We had good conversation and had our visitors dip their feet
in the volcanic hot springs in Gisenyi at the lake.

We took some family pictures, because we could.

Uwera and Ishimwe are both on staff at Hope For Tomorrow.
They are AMAZING, and we couldn't do it without them.

3 Bible studies, 2 literacy classes, 1 English class, throughout the week.
Investing in the future of the families of Hope For Tomorrow.

And just because Moses is just the cutest at school!

After getting our last three visitors off to their safari,
then to the airport. We decided to introduce Richard to some
friend cheese things at the Indian restaurant. He is addicted.
Rightly so.

After months of going, and so much amazing exciting things.
I spent an entire day in bed. Blaring the worship, sewing, taking a few
naps, getting into the word, listening to sermons. Refuled!

We had so many amazing donations. We got busy
arranging, organizing and getting them all put away.

Monthly, we put in a huge order for program. Our sponsors help
provide... infant formula, milk, infant cereal, porridge, sugar, and
fresh fruits to the at risk infants in our program.

Uwera the mighty mama, staff, and daughter. Helping to organize
and put away all the amazing donations for program.

And life is settling back in, as we go back to home visits,
bible studies, home life, etc.

As always, all donations are tax deductible -

Feel free to send me an email with your home address if you would like to get
our monthly newsletter.